CBSE Exam Tips: How to prepare for CBSE 10th board exam in last time, know easy tips


  • Do research on previous year’s old papers
  • Prepare short answer first
  • Don’t stick to preparation at all

CBSE Board Exam 2021 Tips: This time the 10th and 12th examination is being conducted by the CBSE board in two terms. The first term of this exam is going to start from 30th November and will continue till 08th December. Now only a few days are left for this examination, for the first time in two terms, students are preparing for the examination with full hard work under the shadow of fear. At the same time, experts are considering this two-term exam more beneficial for the students.

1. Do Research on Latest Syllabus and Previous Year Old Papers
Along with preparing for any subject in this exam, you have to keep in mind that what is the latest syllabus of that subject, apart from doing good research on the old papers of all the subjects, it will be better. In your research, try to know from which chapter most questions were asked, what are the concepts from which questions were asked almost every year, from which chapter the least number of questions were asked and from which chapter easy questions came and Which chapter is difficult? Through research, you will understand that which chapter of which subject is most important for this exam.

2. Prepare Short Eyes First
While preparing any chapter, you should prepare questions of 1 mark or 2 mark first. Doing this will give you a good understanding of the basic concepts and will also help you prepare for the bigger questions. In this way you will be able to cover your entire syllabus very fast. You will easily find these questions in the previous question papers.

3. Divide a long topic into smaller points to remember
When you go through the previous question papers, you will find that some questions have been asked repeatedly in board exams and their answers are huge. It is very important to prepare answers for such questions, as the chances of these questions being asked in the board are very high. The best way to prepare them is to divide the big answer into smaller points and then write down each point and remember it. If you remember the biggest answer by writing it 5 times, then you will definitely remember it. You will be able to easily write that answer in the board exam also.
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4. Time Table Required
Preparing the papers well will reduce your exam stress. This will be possible only if you make a time table and study in the routine. So that all the topics can be covered properly. If one week is left in the exam, then you can give 1 hour to subjects like Maths and Science and 45 minutes to subjects like Hindi and English. Revision of all subjects is very important. Keep in mind that out of the 24 hours of the day, keep 8 hours of reading time daily. In this too, rest in between is necessary.

5. Old Question Papers Solved
The best way to prepare for the exam is to practice the old question paper, but while practicing, remember that the entire question paper has to be solved in a stipulated time. It is very important for you to improve the habit of time management because it will be easier to manage time during the exam. This method really prepares the students for the exam environment. This will also help the students to get hold of the scoring technique.

6. Do not rote the preparation at all
If you want to get good marks then do not memorize any subject at all, try to understand it. Many times it happens that the questions get changed in such a way, about which the students are not able to understand. Due to which the students start getting nervous after seeing these questions. In such a situation, it is important that instead of memorizing the subject, you will understand it well and give the paper, then you will know the answer to every question related to that subject. With this your syllabus will also be completed and you will know the answer to every question related to the subject in the exam.
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7. Don’t Jump Topic
Many students have this bad habit, students study easy topics first and leave what they find difficult for later, by doing this the exam time comes near and time for that difficult chapter is less. Which they are not able to prepare properly. Keep in mind that this is a board exam, for this your syllabus should be complete. So students are suggested to give equal time to both difficult and easy topics.

8. Stay away from gadgets and social media
If you want to score good marks in the board exam then keep your electronic gadget in the cupboard and don’t forget to go on social media. If necessary, make a time table of your own, for example, you can take time for half an hour in the morning or evening. If you keep your mobile with you all the time, then social media will distract you, it will waste your time and your preparation will be incomplete.


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