Career Options: These are the top 6 tech career options of the future, get a good salary package


  • You can make a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • It is easy to make a career in cyber security
  • Know about 6 such courses

Top 6 Tech Career Options: Technology is a very fast growing sector. Every year lakhs of youth get a chance to make a great career in this field. Today we will tell about some such fields of IT, which are called future career options. These will be the top job options in the coming times. Let us know about 6 such courses today.

1. Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of ​​computer science. In this, such machines have to be prepared that work like humans. These intelligent machines perform well in the tasks of planning, speech recognition, learning and problem solving. Siri is the best example of artificial intelligence. If you want to make a career in Artificial Intelligence then you should study Mathematics, Psychology and Science like Physics and Biology. Apart from this, learning some basic programming languages ​​will also be beneficial.

2. Cyber ​​Security
While increasing technology has revolutionized our lives, some dangers have also come to the fore. In recent times, cases of hacking computers, that is, someone else having access to your system information, have increased. This not only threatens a particular person or company, but the country is also at risk. That’s why in today’s time government and organizations are taking cyber security very seriously and there is a lot of demand for professionals in this field. To make a career in this field, with specialization in Cyber ​​Security and Forensics, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering will also help a lot. Here you can work with job profiles like Information Security Analyst, Security Administrator, Software Developer, Cyber ​​Policy Analyst etc.
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3. Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is also one such field which is becoming very popular among the students. In fact, it is the study of subtle things. Nanotechnology is an applied science in modern science, in which research and work is done on particles smaller than 100 nanometers. These days excellent opportunities are also available in various fields of nanotechnology such as space research, product development, genetics, health industry, agriculture, environment industries, private research institutes, biotechnology, forensic science. Experts in nanotechnology get very attractive job offers from textile industry and pharmaceutical companies in India. After Corona, the demand of youth in this field has increased rapidly.

4. Cloud computing
Cloud computing is a technology that makes virtual resources available to us on the Internet. At present, this op is one of the demanding career options. Students who have a degree in computer science, engineering, etc. can easily make a career in this field. Here you can do jobs like Software Architect, IT Architect, Technical Consultant, Cloud Software Engineer etc.
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5. Robotics engineer
It is a kind of automatic mechanical device. Which works with the help of computer programming or machine programming language. You can easily control it as per your wish or you can use it. In this system things like sensor, control system, manipulators, power supply and software work together. If we talk about robotics engineering, then it is made up of many branches. In this, computer science, electronic engineer and mechanical engineer work together on the design, construction, power supply, information processing and software of robots.

6. Data scientist
Due to the increasing software technology in the world, becoming a data scientist can be the best career option for students in today’s time. We can say that Data Science, under which we can analyze any data and extract its information. A part of computer science today, data science uses principles and techniques in many fields such as statistics, mathematics, statistics, information theory, information technology, etc. To become a Data Scientist, you must have many skills, out of which mainly degree and diploma from Maths, Computer Science, Management, Appear Maths is necessary. You should also have knowledge of statistical modeling and feasibility. Apart from this, you should also have knowledge of programming languages ​​like Python, Java, Ra, SaaS, etc.


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