Most Difficult Courses: These are the top 8 toughest courses in the world that can make a good career

Nowadays every student wants to do a course which will make his career better. For this reason, all the students choose good courses and simultaneously take admission in good colleges and universities. As we know, the competition is increasing day by day in every field and the selection process is also getting difficult. So let’s know such top 8 courses, which are considered the most difficult and their admission process is also not easy.

engineering course

It is very important for students who want to make a career in the field of engineering, they must have technical skills, analytical skills and analytical skills. Apart from this, one should also have problem solving skills. For a student to make a career in engineering, it is very important to have science in 12th. Only after that they can take admission in engineering course.

Chartered accountant

Although the salary of a chartered accountant is very high, it is equally difficult to do this course. This course is considered to be one of the toughest courses in the world. If you complete this course once, then you get a high paying job. From reconciling the balance sheet to ensuring that the account notebook is error-free or not, the life of a Chartered Accountant is very difficult.

medical science

Medical science courses are considered to be the most important in the list of toughest courses in the world. Firstly, Indian students must ensure that they qualify for the NEET exam. Although the course takes a long time, it involves spending the entire time learning rather than memorizing books, definitions and diagrams. It is very important for a medical student to know everything and have knowledge of the field.

pharmacy course

Pharmacy has been included in the list of the most difficult courses in the world. Like the other courses on the list, this course has a wide range of career prospects and is always available. Be it Bachelor of Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy or PhD in Pharmacy, all of them require you to study Chemistry and Biology and it can be quite challenging for some.


Architecture course may sound easy, but it comes in the list of very difficult courses. It requires the sharpest mind to use biodegradable materials and processes. One of the trends that students find here is that each of the toughest courses in the world offers ample job opportunities and huge growth potential.


It is a humanities subject which is also related to medical science. Psychology is also considered one of the toughest courses in the world. It is a scientific investigation and study of the human mind. Psychology is an umbrella discipline where students get the opportunity to explore the behavior of human beings in different contexts, such as personal, social, psychological, industrial etc.

career in law

Career in law requires patience, understanding of ethics, high perceptive skills besides a strong sense of personality. Although there are no scientific equations or mathematical problems to solve in this course, it requires the students to sharpen their memory and solve them quickly at all times.

quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the subject which introspects the various forces of nature. It has given the world information about the physical nature of elements and objects. It helps humans figure out what’s inside microscopic particles—atoms and subatoms. Those studying it should be very well versed in manipulation of numbers, functional integration and analysis etc.


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