Fashion Designing: Make Your Creativity a Career, Know the Best Courses in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Career After 12th: Fashion designing is considered one of the most creative jobs in the world. It is one of the high demand careers. The size of India’s fashion industry or fashion market is about 20 thousand crores, which is about 0.3 of the world fashion market. After the economic liberalization, the fashion industry in the country is growing very fast, as well as the career prospects are also increasing. If you are into artistry, new colours, designs and styles fascinate you then fashion designing is a great field for you. There is a wide scope of fashion design in India as well as abroad.

what is fashion designing
In shops, we see different designs and different colors of dresses, jewelry, this is what we call fashion. We create new styles using a variety of fabrics, colors and trends in fashion designing. The art of fashion designing is not limited to the designing of clothes only, but it also includes handbags, footwear, jewelery etc.

Skills Required for Fashion Designing

  1. Creative and Artist Thinking
  2. excellent drawing skills
  3. Deep interest in the latest fashion trends from home and abroad
  4. Excellent visualization skills with good talent
  5. Good understanding of textures, fabrics, colors, etc.
  6. competitive spirit
  7. Good communication skills and team player.

academic qualification
The basic qualification required to make a career in Fashion Designing is a Diploma or Degree in Fashion Design/Fashion Technology/Textile Design or related fields. To become a fashion designer after 12th, you have to clear the NID exam / UCEED / CEED / NIFT entrance exam in undergraduate courses in India, while you can also do many diploma and short-term fashion design courses. At the same time, for postgraduate level courses, a graduate degree from a recognized university or any other similar qualification.
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leading fashion designing institutes

  1. National Institute of Design
  2. International Institute of Technology
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology
  4. India Institute of Technology, Bombay
  5. Indian Institute of Art and Fashion Technology
  6. JDD Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  7. IEC School of Art and Fashion, New Delhi

Career option in the field of fashion
fashion designer
The main function of the designer in the fashion industry is to create all kinds of new designs, they give birth to any fashion in the market, their main job is to create original designs of clothing, footwear, jewelery and accessories.

fashion illustrator
The fashion illustrator has to draw a preliminary sketch of the wishes and interpretations of the fashion designer. An illustrator must know the mental compositions and ideas of the designer.

fashion stylish
As a fashion stylist your job is to select the right outfit from the designer collection as per the body type, preferences and preferences of the customer. A stylist takes care of the overall look of a person from makeup, accessories, hairstyles.

textile designer
A textile designer designs 2D unique or repetitive patterns for printed fabrics, knitting and weaving patterns. These fabrics or textiles can be used for interior decorating or as soft furnishing. Textile designers work either as part of an industrial and non-industrial team or work independently. Most textile designers use CAD to design textures and patterns.

Jewelery and footwear designing
Talking about a career in fashion designing, there is a different market in the jewelery and footwear industry in which you can work. After all, without the right footwear and the right fashion accessories, the perfect dress remains incomplete.
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fashion merchandiser
The primary responsibility of marketing is with the merchandiser. One of the major distributions is the analysis of past and latest trends and sales data. Merchandiser helps the designers by collecting the details from the buyers. The fashion merchandiser should be aware of the fashion business, fabric design, etc., along with an understanding of the market demand and production processes.

fashion photographer
If you have a passion for photography along with fashion, then you can make your career here. Fashion photographers can work for multiple firms with a single fashion firm, there is also a good scope for freelancing fashion projects in this profession. Creative and effective fashion photographs in the world of fashion not only increase the popularity of various fashion products but also motivate the customers to buy various fashion products under the influence of these fashion photographs.

fashion writer
Their job is to write articles related to fashion for any fashion magazines, newspapers, websites, most of the fashion writers work in the editorial departments of various fashion design firms. Freelancing also has a great scope in this field, these professionals prepare their articles by taking the latest trends in fashion in India and abroad and interviewing various fashion icons.

fashion model
A model is one who walks the ramp to show the new trends to promote the marketing product in the market. Some fashion designers wear their own clothes to represent themselves or sometimes they hire models to promote their work. Talking about the general trend, many fashion models have signed themselves with modeling agencies.


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