CBSE 10th Exam 2022: If you are also not able to do time management in MCQ then definitely follow these easy tips


  • Time management is most important in MCQs
  • Divide the questions according to the time given
  • Remember notifications, dates, names or events with little tricks

Time Management Tips For Class 10: CBSE 10th Major Subjects Examination is starting from tomorrow. This time the exam pattern has been changed by CBSE, this time the term-one examination of class 10th is also becoming MCQ i.e. multiple choice based. This pattern is completely new for the students, so there is panic among the students regarding this exam. At this time most of the students are looking for last minute tips and tricks to score high on the board. Though there is no substitute for hard work, but with smart work you can make some things easy.

Firstly, students have to adapt to some changes as per the MCQ-based exam. Because in subjective exams, it is easy to divide questions according to word limit, whereas in objective tests it becomes a new challenge. Here, the major concern among the students is how they can solve all the MCQ questions in the shortest possible time.
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Time Management Tips For CBSE Class 10

  • In this exam students should first try to solve those questions about which they are more confident. This will save most of their time and they will be left with only a few questions which will take up the rest of the time.
  • First go through the question and try to analyze the answer before choosing the correct option.
  • Try to skip the more time consuming questions in this exam in the beginning, solve them in the second half time. Read all the questions carefully, maybe you can link them to another question and get your answer.
  • In this exam students must attempt all the questions even if they are not 100% sure as there is no negative marking for unanswered and wrongly answered questions.

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  • Divide the questions according to the time given. Try to use a few seconds per question. This will give you a chance for last-minute rechecking.
  • Practice mock test papers provided by CBSE to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern.
  • Make good use of the extra 15 minutes of reading time. Use this as bonus time. In which you can decide which set of questions they are going to attempt first and last.
  • Try to understand instead of memorizing while preparing the points. Keep asking yourself questions from time to time to evaluate your preparation. Keep preparing notes by writing down all the points during the study.
  • Try to remember with the help of small tricks to remember information, date, name or sequence of events while studying.
  • Keep solving model papers to increase your confidence in solving MCQ based papers. Apart from this, read the information given in the source box contained in the NCERT book carefully.


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