YSR Kalyanamasthu: Launch of two more welfare schemes.. effective from October 1..

YSR Kalyanamasthu: AP government has launched two more welfare schemes. It has been decided to provide financial assistance as a wedding gift to female children. For this purpose, the YSR Kalyanamastu and YSR Shaadi Tofa schemes, which have been taken up by the AP government, will come into effect from October 1. Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy formally launched the website related to these on September 30. After launching the website, CM Jagan said..

YSR Kalyanamastu and YSR Shadi Tofa schemes have been launched with the aim of not only promoting children's education and preventing child marriages, but also increasing the percentage of enrollment in schools and reducing the dropout rate. Bride and groom applying for YSR Kalyanamastu and Shaadi Tofa schemes must have passed 10th standard. The government has set a rule that the bride must be 18 and the groom must be 21 on the date of marriage. It said that the 10th class pass rule is being implemented to encourage education.

The scheme will be applicable to BC, SC, ST, minority communities and families of construction workers. The marriage of girls from poor families will be financed through this scheme. The government led by YS Jagan has increased the financial assistance to the deserving people. As part of YSR Kalyanamastu Rs.1,00,000 for SCs, Rs.1,20,000 for inter-caste marriages of SCs, Rs.1,00,000 for STs, Rs.1,20,000 for inter-caste marriages of STs, Rs.50,000 for BCs, Rs.75,000 for inter-caste marriages of BCs, YSR Shadi Tofa Under.. Rs.1,00,000 for Muslim minorities, Rs.1,50,000 for marriages of disabled persons and Rs.40,000 for weddings of construction workers.

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