Jalli kattu in AP: Just started jallikattu celebrations.. Management without considering police warning

Sankranti celebrations have started in the Telugu villages. Sankranthi is buzzing in the villages with Mungita Muggula, Gobbemmas with mudballs, Haridasu kirtans and Gangireddu games. But Sankranthi celebrations mean.. cockfights in Andhra Pradesh and Jalli Kattu in Tamil Nadu. But Jalli Kattu means taming bulls. But this traditional jalli kattu is performed on Kanuma festival in many villages of Chittoor district of AP along with Tamil Nadu.

But before the Sankranti celebrations, jallikattu noise started in Chittoor district. Jallikattu celebrations started on the first day of the new year in Shanambats of Chandragiri mandal. The villagers decorated their cattle beautifully and let them run. A large number of people came from the joint Chittoor district to witness this jallikattu.

There was a competition between the youths to stop the running cattle and grab the planks tied to their branches. Parties to the branches of cattle, leaders tied gifts with pictures of movie heroes to boards and left the owners in jallikattu. There was a competition between the youths in trying to tame the cattle. Young people from many villages participated in Jallikattu by dividing into groups. But on the other hand, they gave a police warning that jallikattu is not allowed. Jallikattu was held without considering the police warnings.

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