Andhra Pradesh: Big tragedy in Vizianagaram district.. Just like in the movie ‘Bhimili Kabaddi’..

A tragic incident took place in Vizianagaram reminiscent of the ‘Bhimili Kabaddi’ movie scene. The incident of the death of a young man named Ramana while playing Kabaddi is causing a stir. On the occasion of New Year, the youngsters played Kabaddi with fun. In this sequence, all the other youths fell on a person named Ramana. As a result, he became seriously ill as he could not breathe. The rest of the friends who were alerted immediately rushed him to KGH. However, Ramana died while receiving treatment there.

However, the death of a young man named Ramana in the game of Kabaddi filled with sadness. Did he suffocate to death after falling on fellow players in the game? Otherwise Ramana's dead body was moved to KGH amid suspicions that something else happened in the game. The victim's family members are shedding tears after Ramana's death. Ramana who wants to go to the game.

With the death of Ramana, there was a deep tragedy in Yorukonda of Pusapatirega mandal of the district. Kabaddi competitions were held between four villages on the occasion of New Year. Athletes from Agraharam, Yorukonda, Vempadam and Kovwada participated. Yorukonda and Pempadam teams reached the finals. Yorukonda player Ramana tried to catch the Vempadam player who came to Koota. Immediately all the other players who were behind fell on Ramana. With this, Ramana went unconscious. Life is gone. Even friends are unable to digest Ramana's death.

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