Tomato Price: Relief to the common man! Tomatoes will be cheaper in December, know the latest price of tomatoes

Tomato Price in Delhi: Has been relieved. The government has said that the price of tomatoes will come down by December. In December, tomatoes will hit the market at the same level as last year , Due to which prices are likely to come down. Required supply from North Indian states has been ensured. , Which will reduce prices as availability increases.

Effect of unseasonal rain

More than percent 67 Percent. Currently December , In the case of onions , Retail Prices 2020 And 2019 .

"color: # 000000;"> Information provided in the Ministry

According to information received from the Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs , & ldquo; Tomatoes from northern states will start arriving from early December , Which will increase availability and relieve prices. The arrival of tomatoes in November this year 19.62 Lakh. Also if we talk about the same period a year ago then at that time it was 21.32 Was a million tons.

"color: # 000000;"> , Uttar Pradesh , , Andhra Pradesh , Heavy rains in Telangana and Karnataka , Supply was disrupted and crops were damaged.

Check out the latest tomato prices

Currently < 1 Price of kg tomato 60 To 90 Rs. Also Bangalore The same tomato 110 Rs per kg. The price of tomatoes in Mumbai 80 Rs and 160 in Chennai 160 Rs per kg.

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