Tomato Price Hike: Now tomatoes have caused a stir, the price has crossed Rs 120 per kg across the country, know when to get relief

New Delhi : 100 Rs per kg.

Retail prices in some southern states due to heavy rains, according to official data 120 Per kg. Retail price of tomato in Chennai 100 Rs per kg , In Puducherry 90 Rs per kg , In Bangalore 88 Rs per kg in Hyderabad 65

Hopefully January Tomato prices to the people of the country by February Can be relieved. New tomato crop according to wholesale vegetable traders 15 Sown in October , Which should be at least ready It will take less than three months. Such Tomato prices by February May decrease.

This season Prices of tomatoes 20 To 30 Rs per kg Is on , But this 100 Is selling above Rs. It is said that most of the supply of tomatoes is coming from the southern states and these states , Which has caused prices to rise.

167 Capital Delhi Tomatoes 72

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