Farm red gold, you will become a millionaire in a few years

A farmer spends his entire life in the fields, even after that he is not able to earn well. That is why now most of the farmers are doing something different by moving away from traditional farming. If you too are such a farmer and want to earn crores of profit in a short period of time then we have an amazing crop for you. By farming this thing you will become a millionaire in few years. The biggest thing is that it is in demand all over the world and people know it as red gold.
What is this red gold?< /strong>
What we are calling red gold, in common language it is called Sandalwood. Sandalwood is worth lakhs in the market. One of its trees sells for several lakhs of rupees. In such a situation, if you plant a few hundred trees today, these trees will give you crores of rupees in the coming time. However, its cultivation is not so easy. It requires a lot of hard work. However, the harder the farmer works, the more profit he will make.

How much money does it take to grow sandalwood? Talking about agriculture, one plant is available for 100-150 rupees. If farmers want, they can plant 600 plants in one hectare of land. These plants can grow into trees in the next 12 years and give a profit of up to Rs 30 crore. A sandalwood tree earns up to 6 lakh rupees. That is why many farmers in India are now inclined towards its cultivation.

Government also helps

Chandan cultivation. The best thing is that the government also helps. In fact, there was a ban on the cultivation of sandalwood in India until a few years ago, that is, farmers used to cultivate sandalwood only after taking permission from the government, but now with its approval, the government is also giving a grant of 28-30 thousand rupees for its cultivation. is However, the government has still banned the purchase of sandalwood. It means that only the government can buy sandal wood from the farmers.

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