The drug smuggler whom more than 500 special forces and 22 helicopters were deployed to catch

Colombia: Colombia’s most wanted drug smuggler Dero Antonio Usuga Otoniel has been arrested. Otoniel told security forces after arrest "You defeated me." Let me tell you, a big operation was carried out to capture Dero.

Dero Antonio Usuga Ottonial known as the ‘Gulf Klan’ led the largest narco-smuggling gang in Colombia. Dero Antonio Usuga was arrested during an operation in a rural area in the province of Antioquia, Colombia’s Urabá region, officials said on Saturday. He said that more than 500 members of Colombian special forces and 22 helicopters were involved in this operation.

Despite peace negotiations, there was nationwide violence

Colombia’s government made a statement saying that, this is the biggest action taken on drug smuggling in our country. He further said that, in the year 2016, the FARC had negotiated peace with the guerrillas, but despite this, there was continuous nationwide violence, the main reason behind which was believed to be Dero Antonio Usuga. It is being told that Dero’s group used to do drug smuggling to illegal mining and extortion. 

Otoniel had to hide in the woods

According to the information received, the Gulf Klan is present in about 300 municipalities, which in the year 2017 wanted to compromise under the Colombian justice system, but the government had deployed about a thousand soldiers to capture it. According to media reports The Gulf Klan has been completely destroyed. Due to which Otoniel had to hide inside the forests by taking shelter. 

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