More than 500 special forces and 22 helicopters were deployed to nab the drug smuggler who smuggled 200 tonnes of cocaine.

Colombia: Colombia’s most wanted drug trafficker, Dero Antonio Usuga Otonial, has been arrested. O’Neill told security forces after his arrest "You beat me." Let me tell you, a major operation was carried out to capture Dero. Led. Dero Antonio Usuga was arrested during an operation in a rural area of ​​Colombia’s Uraba region, Antioquia province, officials said Saturday. He said the operation involved more than 500 members of Colombia’s special forces and 22 helicopters.

The Colombian government said in a statement that this was the largest drug trafficking operation in our country. He added that, in 2016, the FARC had negotiated peace with the guerrillas, but despite this, there continued to be nationwide violence, with Dero Antonio Usuga being blamed. It is said that Dero’s group was involved in illegal mining and recovery of narcotics.

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According to the information received, the Gulf is present in about 300 municipalities, which wanted to settle under the Colombian judiciary in 2017, but the government deployed about a thousand troops to capture it. Were According to media reports, Khadi Kalan has been completely destroyed. As a result, O’Tonnell had to take refuge and hide in the jungles.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that O’Tonnell, in conjunction with the Gulf Kalan, smuggled 180 to 200 tons of cocaine each year. Done In addition, he has killed more than 200 members of the Colombian security forces.

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