Pfizer Vaccine: 100% effective Pfizer vaccine after 4 months of second dose?

Washington: Their vaccine is 100 percent effective for 12- to 15-year-olds. Pfizer and Bioentech made such a claim on Monday. The company claims that this benefit will be available within four months of taking the second dose.

According to the company, a trial was conducted on 2226 people. Whose information will be useful to them in America and other parts of the world to get full approval. In addition, six months after the second dose, there were no safety issues.

Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said in a statement that as efforts are being made to increase the number of vaccinations worldwide, additional information on the safety and effectiveness of our vaccine for adolescents. Will increase confidence. This is very important. Because, in some places, the rate of coronary heart disease is increasing in the case of these elderly people. We would like to share this information with the FDA and other regulators. & Nbsp; This time the company is trying to get full approval. The vaccine has recently been fully approved for use by 16-year-olds. Pfizer, meanwhile, will allow the world’s poorest countries to develop Covid Pill or Corona (Covid-19) resistant pills. This has recently been announced on behalf of the company. However, despite the announcement, the US company has not yet approved the ‘oral pill’ or pill. & Nbsp; Regarding the Covid Resistant Eating Pills, the company said it had signed an agreement approving the manufacture of Paxolevic pills. This allows generic drug companies to manufacture their pills without royalties. & Nbsp;

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