Austria: Fourth Lockdown Enforced


  • A ten-day lockdown announcement from Monday in Austria
  • Increasing Covid case in Western European countries
  • Austria plans to make Kovid vaccine mandatory by February

Vienna: People are worried that the coronavirus infection is fading. This is due to a significant decrease in the number of Covid cases in India. On the other hand, experts are warning about the third wave. The current situation in European countries is shocking as we cannot fathom that Covid 19 is declining.

Austria has announced a lockdown in the wake of a massive increase in coronavirus cases. Also, it has made it mandatory for everyone in the country to get the vaccine. Now the fourth wave has begun. It became the first country in Western Europe to announce a lockdown in a new wave of infections this season. It was also the first country to mandate the Kovid vaccine.
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Approximately two-thirds of Austria’s total population receives complete vaccines. It is one of the lowest vaccine achievement countries in Europe. Thus the goal of vaccinating the entire population by February.

Chancellor Alexander Schoenberg said a tough lockdown would take place in Austria from Monday (Nov. 22). The lockdown will continue for ten days. If Kovid is out of control during this period, the lockdown will be extended for several more days. The nationwide vaccine will become mandatory from February 1.

‘We have not succeeded in persuading people to get vaccinated. The lockdown will go into effect from Monday. Will expire after 10 days. The compulsory vaccine scheme is Fr. Starting from 1. It is painful to have to make such tough decisions, ”the Chancellor said.
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This is the fourth lockdown in Austria since the beginning of the epidemic. On Friday, 15,809 cases were registered, an all-time high. Restaurants, Christmas markets and most of the shops will be closed from Monday. Cultural programs have been discontinued. Groceries are only allowed to go out of the house for specific reasons, such as a doctor’s visit.

Covid infection is rapidly increasing in Eastern European countries. Cases where the vaccine dose is low are even higher. Lockdown has been forced back in many areas as the cold continues to increase across Europe. The bar and restaurant has been ordered to close at 8 pm in the Netherlands.


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