NASA is seeking suggestions for setting up a nuclear plant on the Moon, do you have any idea?

If anyone has any good suggestions on how to put a nuclear power plant on the moon, he can tell the US government about it. The US space agency NASA and the country’s top federal nuclear research laboratory on Friday requested a proposal to install a ‘Fission Surface Power System’. This system works by separating the uranium molecules in a plant to produce heat. NASA is working with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory to establish an independent energy source for its missions to the Moon by the end of this decade. “Providing reliable, high-energy systems on the Moon is an important step towards exploring possibilities in space, and we will achieve this very quickly,” Sebastian Corbisero, head of the Fission Surface Power Project, said in a statement.

plant to be built on earth This plant will be built on Earth and then it will be sent to the Moon. The US space agency NASA has extended the timing of its mission to send astronauts to the Moon to 2025. The space agency had earlier planned to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024. NASA Administrator Bill Nielsen made the announcement on Tuesday regarding the delay in this mission.

Why was NASA’s mission delayed by a year?He said Congress did not provide enough money to develop a ‘landing system’ in his mission to the Moon. Apart from this, work was also interrupted due to legal challenges from Jeff Bezos’s rocket company ‘Blue Origin’. Nielsen said NASA is targeting the first test flight of its Moon rocket ‘Space Launch System’, or SLS, in February next year. No one will be in it.


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