Bangaraju Movie: Will you hit the Nagarjuna movie ..?

This wallpaper competition has become juicy. ‘RRR’ on one side .. ‘Bhimlanayak’ movies on the other side are coming. Apart from these, the movie ‘Radheshyam’ will also be released. If one of these three films goes back .. the other two films will have some relief. However, in the meantime, ‘Bangarraju’ is also said to be ready for release. Sankranthi is planning to release the movie ‘Bangarraju’ starring Nagarjuna as the hero.

Producer Supriya spoke on the subject. ‘Bangarraju’ revealed in an interview about the release date. We are preparing Bangaraju for Sankranthi only .. Supriya says that if all goes well, it is certain that Sankranthi will come. But here is a small condition. If there is a movie drop from ‘RRR’, ‘Radheshyam’ and ‘Bhimlanayak’ which have already announced release dates for Sankranthi, they are planning to release Bangaraju in that place.

It is said that there is no place in the wallpaper ring for four movies. For two movies it is said to be happy. Supriya said that if two movies come .. they will get the number of theaters they want. Supriya clarified that their target wallpaper is for now. See if you can hit ‘Bangarraju’ again!

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