Big decision: government to make rapists impotent, new law drafted

Islamabad: Many rapists in Pakistan could be made impotent after new laws are passed by Parliament. Rape is considered one of the most heinous and heinous crimes. Rape offenders in Pakistan will no longer be able to escape. Strict punishment is being prepared for them. Is intended to be impotent in some way.

The purpose of this step is to speed up the punishment and give severe punishment. The bill comes in the wake of the recent rise in incidents of rape of women and children in the country and the growing demand for effective curbing of crime. The bill comes almost a year after President Arif Alvi passed an ordinance passed by the Pakistani cabinet. The bill seeks to set up special courts to expedite the trial of the accused with the consent of the accused.

& lsquo; DAWN & rsquo; According to the newspaper, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2021 was passed along with 33 other bills in the joint session of Parliament on Wednesday. The newspaper said it wanted to amend the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. According to the bill, chemically sterilization is a process that is communicated under the rules laid down by the Prime Minister. Under the rules, a person is barred from having sex.

Jamaat-e-Islami MP Mushtaq Ahmed opposed the bill, calling it un-Islamic and against Sharia. . He said that the rapist should be hanged openly but there was no mention of impotence in Sharia. Chemically & rsquo; sterilization is the use of drugs to reduce sexual activity. According to media reports, the sentence is legal in South Korea, Poland, the Czech Republic and some US states. Critics say less than 4 percent of sexual assaults or rapes in Pakistan are convicted.

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