Kartarpur Corridor: Kartarpur Corridor reopened after 20 months, find out why it is so important for Sikhs?

Kartarpur Corridor Re-Open: After about twenty months, the wish of Sikh devotees was fulfilled. Pakistan And prayer and kirtan The devotees also joined. Let us know about Darbar Sahib. ..

There was a problem. Attempts have been made to resolve this through the Kartarpur Corridor. A few years ago, Sikh pilgrims from India used to visit Darbar Sahib only through binoculars. , Can go to and bow down.

What is Kartarpur Corridor ?

"color: # 000000;"> Part of Kartarpur Corridor India "font-family: Arial Unicode MS;"> 4 Kilometers. The total length of the corridor is about five kilometers. Visas are not required to visit this corridor. 9 November 2019 16 March 2020

What is the religious significance? ?

Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara is a holy place of pilgrimage for Sikhs. It is believed that 1522 & lsquo; 17-18 Years passed here. This is where Guru Nanak Dev Ji passed away.

India Kartarpur area at the time of partition of Pakistan Pakistan Was gone. It is said that part of Pakistan was mistaken for a British lawyer at the time of partition. Was gone. It is noteworthy that the river Ravi was considered as the border due to which the area of ​​Kartarpur was handed over to Pakistan.

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