Reels Contest: Do you like making reels? But Rs. You can win a lakh! Do you know how?

Reels Contest  :  After the increase in the use of social media, there is no shortage of young men and women who want to show their talent through it. The evidence of this is the few lakhs of reels on Facebook.  There are people around us who celebrate after posting a reel and seeing how many views it has received. Such people have now got an offer.  If you make a good reel.. Rs. Laksa Ba Humati is also given. These are the details. 

The Telangana Digital Media under the Telangana Government has announced Wing Reels Contest. One lakh rupees will be given to the winners of this reels contest. What to do.. is to select and reel in amazing places in Hyderabad. Reels are enough to prove that Hyderabad  is suitable for our life. All you have to do is take out the reels… post them on your social media and tag   

There is time till April 30 Each reel should not exceed sixty seconds. All other regulations..  link‌  

Great with Reels? Love Hyderabad? Here’s something exciting for you!

Capture the charm and vividness of and share with us by tagging @DigitalMediaTS

Win cash prizes worth Rs 1,00,000/-

Entries close on April 30. For details visit

— Telangana Digital Media Wing (@DigitalMediaTS) April 4, 2023


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