There is darkness all around and the guard is the robber… In Khandwa, the Agriculture Minister reminded the people of the slogans before 2003


  • BJP exerts power in Khandwa Lok Sabha by-election
  • Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar attacked Congress
  • In the election meeting, Tomar reminded the people of Digvijay Singh’s rule
  • He said that earlier in the Kavi Sammelans, the streets of MP were taunted.

Campaigning for the by-election is intensifying in MP. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has campaigned in Khandwa. During this, he has fiercely attacked the Congress. Tomar said that before 2003, the position of MP was completely ruined by Mr. Bantadhar. In the poetry conferences, the road, electricity and water system of MP was made fun of. Since the formation of the BJP government, tales are sung in the state.

He said that today BJP’s rule has become synonymous with the development of the state and to maintain this development, only BJP should be victorious. Union Agriculture Minister has addressed meetings in support of BJP candidate Dnyaneshwar Patil in village Gudikheda and Pandhana of Khandwa Lok Sabha. He said that before 2003, there was no electricity in the villages of Madhya Pradesh. Before 2003, 2900 MW electricity was produced in the state, but now more than 20 thousand MW electricity is being generated and every village is being illuminated.

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The Agriculture Minister said that when we were in opposition in the state, only two slogans were raised at that time. One is as long as there is Diggy, till then the box will burn in the house… the other is dark all around and the guard is a robber. Tomar said that what was the condition of roads earlier, but now villages and villages of the country and the state have been connected through Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana. Our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has also given these roads to the countrymen.

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He said that earlier the farmer could not even think of irrigation with water. Drinking water was hardly available to the people, but now through the Nal-Jal scheme in every village, water is being supplied through taps to the house. Tomar said that when Nandu Bhaiya used to come here to campaign for the elections, Nandu Bhaiya used to stay with us, but this time Nandu Bhaiya is not with us. Now BJP has fielded Dnyaneshwar Patil and making BJP victorious will be a true tribute to Nandu Bhaiya.


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