MP Bypolls Update: Less voting in Khandwa, Raigaon and Prithvipur than last elections, marginal increase in job

Voting Percentage in MP Bypolls 2021 Voting for three assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat in Madhya Pradesh ended at 7 pm on Saturday. The maximum voting took place in Prithvipur assembly constituency. There was 78.14 percent voting. Raigaon recorded 69.01 per cent and Jobat 53.30 per cent polling. In Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency, 63.88 percent voting was recorded.

The four seats where by-elections (MP Bye-election News), out of them Khandwa Lok Sabha and Raigaon and Prithvipur assembly constituencies recorded a decrease in the voting percentage from the last election. Voting increased in Jobat, but this increase was modest.

In the 2018 assembly elections, there was 52.80 percent voting in Jobat, which increased to 53.30 percent this time. In the Prithvipur assembly constituency, 79.61 percent polling was recorded in 2018. This time it has come down by about 1.5 per cent.

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In Raigaon assembly constituency, this time the voting has decreased by about five and a half percent as compared to 2018. There was 74.53 percent voting in 2018 but this time it was only 69.01 percent. The maximum decrease has come in Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency. In the 2018 elections, 76.90 per cent voting was recorded in the eight assembly constituencies under the Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency. This time it has come down by more than 13 per cent.

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