Nashik Fire: The cause of the terrible fire in the company of Igatpuri is in front, it is suspected that the fire started due to leakage!

Nashik Igatpuri Fire: The cause of the fire at Jindal Company in Mundhegaon in Igatpuri taluka has been clarified and the administration has expressed the suspicion that the fire started due to chemical leakage.  New Year, a fire broke out in Nashik district (Nashik News). A terrible incident came to light. At first glance, it was revealed that the fire started due to a terrible explosion of the boiler. Then there was a huge explosion and a fire. Two women workers have died in this fire so far and 17 workers are undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Nashik. Meanwhile, the primary cause of the fire has been revealed and it is suspected that the fire started due to chemical leakage. 
Meanwhile, the fire was so intense that a huge amount of smoke was thrown into the sky. Many villages in the area were also shaken by this explosion. At the same time, a video of the smoke of this fire was also seen from the peak of Kasalubai. As the fire is still raging, the police are facing difficulties in conducting the Panchnama. Therefore, it is expected that the administration will conduct a technical inspection in the company and conduct further investigation, after which the real cause of the fire will be revealed. 
Due to this incident which took place on the first day of the new year, the entire district is expressing grief. The primary estimate is that there has been a huge loss of life or money due to the fire. The cause of the fire and the total amount of damage is not available. At this place, the flames are about a hundred feet high, black smoke can be seen hundreds of feet in the air.

So Kashinath Mengal said..

Kashinath Mengal is a former local MLA and a resident of Mundhegaon. He said that the company administration gave wrong information to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the company has a total of seven thousand workers. The company management is saying that only 1200 employees are working. Therefore, Mengal has demanded that the company management should take action.
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