CM Eknath Shinde Threat Call : ‘I Will Blow Up Eknath Shinde’; Threatening call from Pune, caller arrested

CM Eknath Shinde Threat Call : Chief Minister Eknath Shinde (CM Eknath Shinde) threatening phone (Threat Call) Dial 112 is received. The caller cut the call by saying ‘I am going to fly Eknath Shinde’. It is clear from the location that this call came from Warje in Pune. Meanwhile, the police have detained the person who made the threatening call to the Chief Minister. 

Call to Dial 112 control room in Nagpur

On Monday (April 10) night, Dier 112 received a call threatening to kill Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. "I will fly Eknath Shinde" The caller cut the call saying this. Dial 112’s control room is in Nagpur, where the call was received.

One person detained by police 

After this call the police became alert. They traced the location of where the call had come from. According to the location received by the police, the call came from Warje in Pune. The police then reached the spot and detained one person.

Threatened phone call to chief minister under the influence of alcohol

The person was actually drunk. First he called for an ambulance. But as the ambulance did not come, he dialed 112 and threatened to blow up Chief Minister Eknath Shinde directly. The police have taken him into custody and the investigation is on. According to the police, the accused is a drug addict. Drunk he threatened the Chief Minister.

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