Rohit Pawar : Rohit Pawar’s first reaction to Naresh Mhaske’s allegations; Said on Pawar…

Rohit Pawar: Naresh Maske of Shiv Sena Shinde group created a sensation by alleging that Ajit Pawar was calling to topple Rohit Pawar during Maharashtra Cricket Association elections. However, Rohit Pawar has counterattacked him. Rohit Pawar reminded Maske that Uddhav Thackeray had helped him when he was opposed by the leaders of his own faction when he was mayor, hardly anyone knows the accuser. 

Nowadays there is a trend of new leaders and we don’t grow up without criticizing Pawar, that’s why the opposition has never understood the Pawar family and will never understand, Pawar took notice of Muske. Meanwhile, Rohit Pawar said that the decision should be taken as soon as possible in the case of MLA’s dismissal. If the decision is delayed, it would be a kind of injustice."text-align: justify;"> Rohit Pawar said that it is in the tradition of Maharashtra to make such a statement. People don’t accept this but it has become a trend in the last nine months. The way this government is behaving for 9 months. Courts have also criticized this government’s practice. The things that are going on in Maharashtra for nine months are extremely dangerous and all this behavior or politics is known to the common people. He also said that the people will respond to all their behavior through democracy.

Who should rule?, Ajit Pawar’s question

Who is king? I don’t know them. I do not value anyone who makes such statements. We don’t behave like this at home either. My stand is the stand. Rohit Pawar is a part of my family, he is my nephew, he is like my son, he has attacked Naresh Mhasken. Shiv Sena Shinde group leader and former Thane mayor Naresh Mhaske made sensational allegations against Ajit Pawar. Maharashtra Cricket Association elections.

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