Anupamaa Twist: Little Anu will fail Maya’s plan, Anuj will apologize to Anupama

It was shown in the TV serial ‘Anupama’ that Anuj goes to Mumbai to meet his daughter. He is happy to see little Anu and sleeps peacefully. On the other hand, Anupama breaks down. She does tandav to forget her sorrow. But, a different restlessness starts in his mind. She worries about Anuj. According to media reports, it will be shown in the upcoming episodes that the younger Anu tells the truth to Anuj. She makes Maya’s plan fail. Not only this, she makes Anuj realize that Anupama is not wrong. Before signing Anupamaa, Rupali Ganguly had put this condition in front of the producer

Maya will make a new plan

In today’s telecast episode, it was shown that Maya learns that Anuj and Anupama have become estranged because of little Anu. Maya becomes happy after knowing this. According to media reports, it will be shown in the upcoming episodes that Maya will plan to make Anuj her forever. She will do everything possible to keep Anuj and little Anu close to her. Anupama March 29: Anuj is happy to go to Maya’s house, stopped speaking on this question of the younger

Chhoti Anu will tell the truth

And the younger Anu will tell the truth to Anuj. She will say, ‘Maya told me that because of me there is a fight between you and mummy. That’s why I left all of you and came here with Maya.’ Not only this, little Anu will also reveal that she had requested Anupama to persuade you for this. After hearing all this, when Anuj comes to his senses, he returns to his Anupama. Not only this, he also apologizes to Anupama. Ajay Devgan bluntly to those who leaked the film, said – the devils who do piracy…

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