Take care of your house first, former PM HD Deve Gowda gave a lesson to Congress on opposition unity

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress is engaged in uniting the opposition. Meanwhile, former Prime Minister and senior Janata Dal-S leader HD Deve Gowda has a big lesson for the Congress. Deve Gowda said on Sunday that the Congress should first focus on managing its own house. He said that the opposition parties have many other options and the country is rich in terms of leadership. At the same time, regarding the assembly elections to be held in Karnataka, this senior leader said that despite the presence of BJP and Congress here, he is confident of his party coming back to power.

third front may emerge

When the former Prime Minister was asked whether he thinks that the Congress can unite the opposition in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections? On this, HD Deve Gowda said that Congress needs to set its things in order first. At the same time, he expressed his views on the re-emergence of the Janata Parivar or the Third Front. HD Deve Gowda said that this can happen. There is every possibility that the Third Front or the Fourth Front will re-emerge on the national political scene. At the same time, he also said that the priority of any such front would be to protect the country and democracy.

The impact of Karnataka elections on national politics

What will be the impact of Karnataka assembly elections on national politics? In response to this question, HD Deve Gowda said that Karnataka elections will set the tone for the assembly elections in other states as well as for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He said that this has happened in the past as well and it will happen this time also. Talking about the target of 123 seats in the state, Sr. Deve Gowda said that hard work and developmental vision have given us the confidence to achieve this. Also he rejected the national parties in Karnataka elections.

The results here will surprise you

Regarding Karnataka assembly elections, Deve Gowda said that people who focus only on BJP and Congress will be surprised after the election results here. He said that national parties make tall and false claims. He said that his party is seeking votes in the state elections keeping in mind the vision of an inclusive society and development. He said that our leader HD Kumaraswamy has recently completed his visit to the state. He said that our party believes in working hard. We do not believe in dividing people.

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