Sachin Pilot’s ‘hunger’, Ashok Gehlot will be strong! Dastan-e-Rajasthan is different from Sidhu vs Captain

The fast of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has started in Rajasthan. This development in the politics of the state has brought back memories of the reshuffle in Punjab. Then, after the activism of Navjot Singh Sidhu in Punjab, the then Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had to abdicate. At the same time, now the pilots are also raising questions on Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

First understand the similarities between the two states

In the latest case, Pilot is asking the Rajasthan government to take action against the corruption that happened during the tenure of former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. About two years ago, Sidhu was also accusing the Captain of not taking action against the Badal family in the drugs and sacrilege case. He had even said that if justice is not done in these cases, the Congress will lose.

Why is the issue important for the pilot?

In Rajasthan, before the 2018 assembly elections, Pilot fiercely raised the issue of corruption. At the same time, it was promised that an inquiry will be done when the Congress government comes. But now the Pilot faction is alleging that CM Gehlot did not take action and the party may have to bear the loss in the elections.

Apart from this, this bet of the pilot is being considered as the last maneuver to show its dominance.

How is the situation different from Punjab

If the condition of Rajasthan Congress is compared with Punjab, then Sidhu had the support of the high command. Whereas, in the case of Pilot, Gehlot seems to have the upper hand. It is being said that this will only strengthen Gehlot’s position. The Congress had asked Pilot to end his fast.

How will Gehlot be strong?

Now when the Congress leaders are calling the fast against the interests of the party, the chances of strengthening Gehlot’s position increase. He has already been talking about the 2020 rebellion regarding Pilot. The Gehlot camp believes that Pilot is doing this out of desperation over the demand of making himself the CM or being shown as the CM face before the elections.

CM camp preparing to open a front against the pilot

It is reported that CM Gehlot’s supporters want disciplinary action against the pilot. Now the question is whether the Congress graph will fall or rise in the Rajasthan elections like the results of the 2022 Punjab assembly elections?

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