How much do net bowlers get paid in IPL and can they get a place in the team? read everything

IPL Net Bowlers Fee: IPL 2023 is starting from Friday. In the first match of this season, the teams of Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will be face to face. Almost all the teams have started their preparations for this tournament. Apart from this, all the teams have organized training camps in their respective home towns. Net bowlers are called for this training camp, but do you know what is the fees of these net bowlers?

How much do net bowlers get paid in IPL?

Actually, net bowlers used to get money till before the Corona period. IPL teams used to call net bowlers by spending money. At that time, net bowlers used to get around 5 lakh rupees for a season. Apart from IPL, this used to happen in the Indian team as well, but now it is not so. Now the IPL teams work with the net bowlers of the city in which they go to play the match. However, apart from keeping the net bowlers together, the IPL teams also provide food and drink and hotel expenses. There are many bowlers in the IPL who were first net bowlers, but later became part of the team.

If money is not available then what are the benefits of becoming a net bowler?

Let us tell that whether a sports academy provides net bowlers on its behalf or that player himself becomes a net bowler, he does not get money as a fee. Actually, this is done so that the bowler can show his talent as a net bowler. Later on, opportunities are created for that player. For example, Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Umran Malik was earlier with the team as a net bowler, but later he managed to become a part of this team. Not only this, but this fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir also made his place in the Indian team.

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