PM Modi’s degree is an excuse, Kejriwal’s target at 24; AAP wants to make these three things ‘weapons’

The court had imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the biggest leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Actually, CM Kejriwal had asked for the degree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The court told the Prime Minister’s Office on Kejriwal’s demand that there is no need to make PM Modi’s degree public. Along with this, the court fined Kejriwal. Kejriwal got angry after the fine of the court. First of all, he expressed his displeasure on Twitter. After this, Kejriwal targeted the BJP fiercely in a press conference. Along with Kejriwal, many AAP leaders are giving statements regarding PM Modi’s degree. Let’s understand what could be the reason behind AAP doing this…

educated candidate

CM Kejriwal held a press conference regarding PM Modi degree case. Kejriwal said, ‘I asked for PM Modi’s degree because it has been 75 years since the country became independent. The people of the country want progress. In such a situation, it is necessary for our Prime Minister to be educated. After this, Kejriwal taunted PM Modi and said that ‘after listening to his words, one doubts whether he is educated?’ Actually, Kejriwal has studied engineering from IIT. He also keeps speaking about this on many forums. AAP also projects the image of Kejriwal as an educated CM. In such a situation, regarding this statement of Kejriwal, it is believed that he is trying to present himself as an educated PM candidate.

Delhi’s education model

Kejriwal opposed many decisions of PM Modi in the press conference and said that if the PM of the country was educated, he would never have taken this decision. Referring to demonetisation, Kejriwal said that ‘if the PM of the country is not educated, the officials will coax him to sign.’ It is believed that by making this statement, CM Kejriwal is trying to highlight many decisions of AAP. He often talks about Delhi’s schools, free electricity, etc. in many forums. The BJP had made him the PM face by presenting the Gujarat model of PM Modi. In such a situation, AAP is also trying its best to make Kejriwal the PM face by taking Delhi’s model.

leading face of the opposition

Many AAP leaders often say that if anyone can defeat PM Modi, it is Arvind Kejriwal. In the last few months, it was also seen that Kejriwal went to meet the opposition leaders of many states. Kejriwal also supported the Congress party after Rahul Gandhi was stripped of his MP. In such a situation, by raising the issue of PM Modi’s degree, AAP is trying to make Kejriwal a major opposition face. AAP leader Sanjay Singh said on Sunday, ‘The entire BJP has been shaken since the issue of the Prime Minister’s degree came to the fore. Many BJP ministers and spokespersons are trying to prove that the Prime Minister’s degree is not fake.

Assembly elections are to be held in many states this year. In such a situation, AAP has also entered the electoral fray in many states. By raising the issue of PM Modi’s degree, Kejriwal is trying his best to tell people about Delhi’s education model. It is also being speculated that Kejriwal has stepped up his preparations for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in the year 2024. AAP wants to send a message to all opposition parties that Kejriwal is the main face of the opposition.

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