For the first time man will go round the moon, four people are going to create history; NASA announced the names

The American space agency NASA has announced the names of four astronauts who will return to Earth after circling around the Moon. NASA is going to achieve this feat after 50 years of research and efforts. These people will reach the Moon’s orbit for the first time in more than 50 years. These four astronauts will also pave the way forward for the first human landing on the surface of the Moon with the Artemis-II mission. Of these, 3 are American and 1 is a Canadian citizen.

Four Astronauts of the Artemis-II mission:

NASA has reported that four astronauts of its Artemis-II mission include the name of America’s Christina H. Koch, who is a mission specialist. Apart from these, there is Jeremy Henson of Canada. Henson is also a mission specialist. American citizen Victor Glover, who is a pilot, has been included as the third astronaut, while Lee Wiseman of America has been selected as the fourth astronaut. This is the commander.

These names were announced at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. During this mission all the passengers will orbit the moon but they will not land on the moon. After the success of this mission, NASA will send Artemis-III mission in 2025, in which astronauts will set foot on the moon.

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