Omicron Varient: Corona positive from South Africa to Chandigarh, sample to be sent to Delhi for testing

Omicron Varient: A man returning to India from South Africa has been found infected with corona. According to the information obtained, the man returned to his home in Chandigarh, after which he was found to be corona positive yesterday. A family member and a domestic servant of the man were also found to be infected with the corona. Returned to Chandigarh, whose RT-PCR report was negative. However, on re-examination, he was found to be infected with Corona the previous day. At the same time, his sample will now be sent to Delhi for genome sequencing. Amicron found in South Africa is a matter of concern. Some cases of this variant have also been observed in other countries. At the same time, not a single case of Omicron has been registered in India so far. However, some suspicious cases are still under investigation.

India has taken a number of important decisions

Is making many important decisions. DGCA has issued new guidelines for international flights to India. According to the guidelines, passengers will be required to submit their self-declaration on the Air Suwidha portal within 14 days. That is, the traveler is coming to India after traveling from place to place.

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