New Variant of Corona Virus: South African scientists concerned about the wave of infection arising from the Kovid-19 Omicron variant

New Variant of Corona Virus: Scientists in South Africa are struggling to deal with Omicron, the new variant of Corona Virus spreading at lightning speed. This highly contagious strain of corona virus has been first identified in South Africa itself and now other countries are also being affected by it. South Africa previously reported fewer cases of infection, but has seen a sharp increase in new cases during the two weeks since Omicron’s origin. Although relatively few cases of infection are still being reported in the country, health professionals are also surprised to see Omicron’s speed in infecting youth. On Friday, 2,828 new cases of infection were reported in South Africa.

This variant is mainly concentrated in Guateng Province

< p style="text-align: justify;">Vaccination is an important factor. The new form appears to be spreading most rapidly among people who have not been vaccinated. In South Africa, only about 40 percent of adults are currently vaccinated, and the number is much lower in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Hancom said scientists are learning more about Omicron, so people in South Africa should continue to take precautionary measures to protect themselves.

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