Omicron China Connection: What is Omicron China Connection! After all, why did the WHO name the new variant of Corona the same?

Omicron Variant: The new variant of Corona Omicron  has shown its presence in 10 countries of the world. Although this variant has not yet reached India, but precaution and vigilance have been increased. The Omicron strain appears to be spreading 7 times faster than the Delta strain. The world is deeply concerned about Omicron, but Omicron’s China connection has also come to the fore. You will remember that the WHO, while announcing this new problem, said that it has been named Omicron. There have been allegations. Many countries from America to Europe have been saying that WHO favors China more. When it came to naming this new variant, the 15 letter of the Greek alphabet, Omicron, was chosen. But do you know why earlier WHO deliberately left two letters in the naming of variants? 

  • 13th letter of the Greek alphabet –  NU (V) 
  • 14th letter of the Greek alphabet – JI (XI) 
  • Both letters omitted
  • Nu means new was omitted due to pronunciation so that there is no confusion of new virus
  • But there was a controversy over leaving the 14th letter- JAI(XI)

why the omitted 14th letter JI (XI)
Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School Martin Kuldorf gave a possible reason for this. He said, WHO omitted two letters and named the new variant Omicron so that the corona variant does not have to be called ‘She’ variant. Yes, because Xi is the first letter of the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping. It started trending that WHO was scared of China for even naming the virus. Seeing the worldwide criticism, the WHO spokesperson clarified that XI was dropped because it is a common surname.

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