Maharashtra: What is the dispute between Nitin Gadkari and the government regarding a medical college?

Mumbai’s 100-year-old College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) has been accused of corruption by the state government. This college conducts post graduation and certificate courses. The state government has said in a letter to the central government that this institute gives post graduate degree to more than one thousand students every year in different subjects, but the National Medical Commission on conducting any kind of investigation on this institute. (NMC), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC).  

 According to the news published in the Times of India, the CPS said that all The allegations have been denied that this college is an autonomous body like the National Board of Examinations. Hence not answerable to the National Medical Commission (NMC) or the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). The interesting thing is that this college fight has now taken political colour. 

According to the news published in TOE, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has called the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde demanding transfer of Medical Education Secretary Dr. Ashwini Joshi.  In this case, on the one hand, the State Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan College of Physicians and Surgeons" (CPS) while on the other hand Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari is taking the side of the college.  Interestingly, Gadkari’s wife Kanchan Gadkari is associated with the Association of Colleges affiliated to CPS as an advisor. 

However, Gadkari says that he A letter has been written to Chief Secretary Manukumar Srivastav, but it has only requested to start the admission process for CPS courses soon.  

Is this the first  controversy regarding CPS

In 2018, the central government de-affiliated 36 postgraduate (PG) diploma courses from this college. On the basis of an enquiry, it was found that due process was not followed in sanctioning all these courses. 

CPS has been awarded degrees  Allegations of rigging

In 2018, the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) canceled the PG degrees of 148 CPS students. The Maharashtra Medical Council had said that all these students had not given the entrance test to pass the PG examination, so the degrees of all these students are cancelled.

MMC accused CPS of rigging degrees. Case was registered. During that time, the investigation of this case was handed over to the Mumbai Police, which means that the CPS has an old association with controversies. According to CPS, apart from recognized hospitals and medical colleges, it also runs its courses in small hospitals. There is little or no monitoring of these hospitals by the Government of Maharashtra or the Central Government. 

Recent inspection by MMC has revealed that there are two such institutions affiliated to CPS. Here students have been given admission in PG courses but work is not being done in both these institutes. 73 hospitals affiliated to CPS did not allow MMC inspectors to investigate.  Inspection was done in 45 hospitals and it was found that in all these 45 hospitals there are serious deficiencies in infrastructure to the quality of teachers.  

The MMC team has written in its report that these are deficiencies that violate the council’s minimum standard requirements. Many of these hospitals did not even have the right beds. There are only 15 beds in the Kenia Eye Hospital located in Santacruz, Mumbai. There are four CPS seats in this hospital whereas at least 120 seats should be compulsorily. 

The MMC team said in its report that the hospital does not even have its own laboratory. There are four teachers of the hospital who do not follow the conditions for teaching PG students. 

As per MMC report there is no hostel in Kingsway Hospital, Nagpur. While the student-doctors are required to take care of the patients almost 24 hours  Must be present. In the absence of hostels, their education is not only getting affected, patients are also unable to get treatment.  

According to information, CPS President Dr Girish Mandrakar has 25 beds and six PG seats in his private children’s hospital in Latur  While this number of beds should be at least 125.

CPS Vice President Dr. Prashant Jadhav has a 35-bed pediatric hospital in Aurangabad. They have six CPS seats, so the hospital should have at least 150 beds.

The MMC’s inspection highlighted that many of the 47 CPS institutions failed to give inspectors  Information about the equipment and laboratory facilities available in the institutions was not given. They could not even give the correct information about their OPD. Let us tell you that OPD i.e. ‘Outpatient Department’ is an essential department of every hospital. This is where all the paperwork of patients takes place. 

According to Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, India has 1,01,043 MBBS seats and only 65,335 PG seats. For many years  CPS has definitely filled these seats by offering PG Diploma, Fellowship programs. CPS is currently running 27 PG Diploma Courses, Fellowship (FCPS) programs in its 120 institutes. 

It is to be noted that at present only three CPS courses are recognized by the Central Government. . Gujarat and Rajasthan governments have withdrawn the recognition of CPS courses for this academic year. 

From exams to studies are not taken seriously in CPS?< /p>

Study to practice is taken very seriously in the medical field. Experience of teaching graduate (MBBS) students is required before teaching post graduate students. And to become an examiner, it is necessary to teach postgraduate students for at least 5 years. 

These stringent norms for teachers and examiners have not been implemented in CPS. Doctors teaching in CPS affiliated institutes have never taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

The MMC report states that even the basic parameters of running a medical education institute in CPS No.  There are no rules regarding admission, paper setting, examination and conduct of teaching. Former MMC president Dr. Shivkumar Utture, who exposed the fake certificate scam in CPS in 2018, told The Times of India that all aspects should be probed by the central government. 

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