Amritpal Singh: Amritpal Singh reached Punjab again! Absconded by dodging the police, alert issued in Hoshiarpur

Amritpal Singh: Amritpal Singh reached Punjab again!  Absconded by dodging the police, alert issued in Hoshiarpur

Amritpal Singh in Punjab: Every day new information is coming to the fore about Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh, who has been dodging the Punjab Police for many days. Earlier on Tuesday, a CCTV footage surfaced in which Amritpal Singh is seen roaming in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. On the other hand, news came late on Tuesday night that fugitive Amritpal Singh is in Punjab.

According to the report, he is in Hoshiarpur and has left again after dodging the police. On the other hand, the Punjab Police has intensified the siege on the Phagwara-Hoshiarpur road late on Tuesday night to catch him. According to sources, an Innova car was seen in Hoshiarpur, in which Amritpal was suspected to be. It is being claimed that when the police tried to surround him after being informed, Amritpal left the car and fled to the village.

Sudden intelligence

According to the report, the Innova car in which Amritpal was suspected to be, that car was found near the Phagwara-Hoshiarpur highway near Marniyan Kalan. After this, the police has intensified the search operation in the entire area. A search campaign is being conducted in the villages and farms here. It has been told that the intelligence had received information from somewhere that Amritpal was in Hoshiarpur. However, the police has not yet given information from where it got this input.

The news of re-occurrence in Punjab raises many questions

On the other hand, the news of Amritpal Singh being in Punjab again is raising many questions. Actually, it is beyond understanding that when he had left Punjab, then why has he come back to Punjab. It is also being discussed that Amritpal Singh may surrender. Actually, Amritpal’s uncle had also fled earlier, but later surrendered. Not only this, the police started action against Amritpal Singh from 18 March. Then Amritpal Singh absconded, but the police caught his companions, without making concrete inquiries about Amritpal Singh, they were sent to jail in Assam. In such a situation many questions arise on this whole incident.

The footage of being in Delhi has also surfaced

Earlier on Tuesday, a CCTV footage of Amritpal Singh, who was from Delhi, came to the fore. In this, Amritpal Singh is seen without a turban to escape from the police. He was wearing sunglasses and wore a denim jacket. His associate Papalpreet Singh is also visible in the CCTV clip. Both were wearing masks to hide their identity. This CCTV video of Delhi is of March 21. The Punjab Police started action against Amritpal and members of his organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ in Punjab on March 18 and Amritpal is absconding since then. Amritpal Singh and Papalpreet Singh came to Delhi via Kurukshetra district of Haryana. Delhi’s Special Cell sources have confirmed that the person seen in the footage is Amritpal. He came to a house in Laxmi Nagar and then left from here. The Special Cell has also questioned the member of that house in this context.

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