MMTS: MMTS missed an accident in Hyderabad.. Train stopped suddenly with loud noises..

MMTS train averted an accident in Hyderabad. During the journey, the train suddenly stopped with loud noises. Due to this, the passengers in the train were panicked. They immediately got off the train and ran. Passengers are facing severe problems as the train stops in the middle. Railway officials who reached the scene have started an investigation into the cause of the problem.

If we go into the details... it stopped making loud noises between Bengapet and Necklace Road stations. Officials have come to a preliminary estimate that the train coming from Lingampally has stopped due to technical problems. Meanwhile, there are a large number of passengers in the local train as it is time to go to offices. People going to offices and colleges faced difficulties as the train stopped. The passengers got off the train and reached the nearest railway station. The authorities have started efforts to restore the train as soon as possible.

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