Hyderabad Traffic Rules: New Rules of Hyderabad Traffic Police

Hyderabad Traffic Police has brought new regulations. Many motorists are flouting traffic rules. No matter how many measures the traffic police take to prevent road accidents, they are not following the rules. Due to this, the police are making the rules more strict. Until now, the traffic police, who have imposed heavy fines on people who do not have a license, three people on one bike, riding without a helmet, and not wearing a car seat belt, are now implementing new rules. If you cross the stop line at Seagulls, you will be treated harshly.

As part of the new rules, strict action will be taken against motorists who do not follow the rules at traffic signals. Motorists who touch the stop line at traffic signals will be fined Rs.100. Besides, if the free left is blocked at the signals at the same time, a fine of 1000 rupees will be imposed. A penalty of Rs.600 will be imposed on those who park their vehicles across pedestrians. Besides, the traffic police has prepared to impose heavy fines on the shopkeepers who put goods on the footpaths. But the city police says that these rules will come into force immediately.

Space should be reserved for parking.

However, CV Anand advised the traffic police to take measures to stop the RTC buses in the bus bays. Also, action should be taken not to stop the autos wherever they fall. It is advised to take measures to prevent street vendors, hawkers from coming on the roads and footpaths and to deal strictly without traffic problems. In high-rise residential complexes and educational institutions, 30 percent of the space should be reserved for parking. Steps will be taken to allocate 40 percent of hotels, lodges, commercial buildings and 60 percent of shopping malls and multiplexes for parking. On this, the traffic police will take action against the buildings that cannot provide parking spaces in collaboration with the GHMC officials.

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