Telangana: Recruitment notification for more than 11 thousand Telangana gurukula jobs in the second week of January.. Details of the vacancies are as follows..

The Gurukula Recruitment Board has decided to issue a recruitment notification for more than 11,000 teaching posts in SC, ST, BC, Minority and General Gurukula in Telangana state. For this year, the newly approved 33 BC Gurukula Schools and 15 BC Gurukula Degree Colleges have completed the preliminary exercise to issue advertisements within ten days from the week of receipt of approvals for about 2,591 vacant posts approved by the Council of Ministers. In this regard, a notification will be released as soon as the approvals are received from the Finance Department. Roster, zone wise and multi zone wise posts have been identified. The Gurukul Board expects to issue an announcement in the second week of January.

The state government has already sanctioned 9,096 posts in residential gurukula. In addition, along with the sanctioned posts, massive notifications will come simultaneously. After the announcement, a schedule will be prepared for at least three months to prepare for the exams. It is possible for each candidate to apply for two or more posts in the gurukula according to their qualifications. In this background, a schedule will be made to prepare for all the posts and take the exams.

In addition to 2,591 posts in the newly formed BC Gurukuls, there are a maximum of 6,461 posts in this department alone. 2,267 posts are to be filled in the SC Welfare Department, 1,514 in the Tribal Welfare Department and 1,445 in the Minority Welfare Department. The Women and Child Welfare Department conducted the written examination for 23 posts of women and child welfare officers today (January 3).

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