East Godavari Crime: Cannabis smuggled under the bike seat … Police demolished the height of the catwalks

Cannabis seized in Chintoor, East Godavari district. The cannabis is being transported in a two-wheeler seat without anyone suspecting. Cannabis gangs are exploring new avenues for cannabis trafficking. Police seized 34 kg of marijuana from a two-wheeler seat. In other parts of the district, large quantities of cannabis, alcohol and herbal ginger were found during police raids. There is a huge smuggling of Telangana liquor in East Godavari. Etapaka police caught him smuggling liquor from Telangana to Chintoor zone. 260 bottles of Telangana liquor worth about 55 thousand 9 hundred rupees were seized. Madakam Rajaya and Gadela Rajesh, both from Chidumuru village in Chintoor zone, were arrested for transporting liquor. The Tata Magic vehicle was seized along with bottles of liquor. Bhavani & nbsp; Excise officer under the supervision of Bhavani & nbsp;"twitter-tweet">

East Godavari District SP Shri M. Rabindranath Babu, under the supervision of Addl.SP (SEB) under the direction of IPS, Korangi Police, SEB Technical and Intelligence Wing teams in three areas of local mangrove forests within the Tallarevu Zone (1/2) @dgpapofficial @ APPOLICE100 pic.twitter.com/Ccj1dP5qlG

& mdash; East Godavari Police, Andhra Pradesh (@EGPOLICEAP) October 24, 2021

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200 kg of cannabis burnt

200 kg of cannabis seized in eight cases registered in Telangana Peddapalli district from 2018 to date. With the permission of the court, Ramagundam Police Commissioner S Chandrasekhar Reddy ordered the destruction of cannabis under the supervision of Peddapalli DCP Ravinder. The DCP said strict action would be taken against those found guilty of transporting, cultivating and consuming cannabis. It was announced that pediatrics would be registered against the accused. It has been announced that cases will be registered against those involved in the sale of roll papers in pawn shops. Focus on parents, students, and youth. He said the dangers of marijuana intoxication were unknown and special vigilance was being exercised over the behavior of such individuals. He suggested that the people of the district should cooperate to make the district cannabis free. If there is information that marijuana or other narcotics are being sold or trafficked, either dial 100 or the local police will be notified and their names will be kept confidential. & Nbsp;

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