AP Ration Shops: No fear of threats from ration dealers … Ration distribution as usual from date one … Minister Kodali Nani Hot Comments

AP Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani said ration distribution would not stop even if ration shops were closed. Ration will be distributed as usual from the first date. We are now distributing rations door to door with 11,000 vehicles in the state. The minister suggested that the dealers should resolve their issues through negotiations. He said the government was not afraid of threats from ration dealers. He said that in the past the condition of ration shops was different and now it is different. The public distribution system has now become an in-house ration. If the ration shops are threatened with closure, it will be distributed directly to the people through the Department of Civil Supplies. Minister Kodali Nani suggested that the language and method of dealers should be changed if ration shops are to continue. Or bypass dealers and distribute rations door-to-door through vehicles. He said it was the responsibility of the government to provide basic necessities to the people and no one could prevent it. & nbsp;

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Concerns of ration dealers across the state

Ration Ration dealers across the state have raised concerns that the government has cheated them by telling them to withdraw stock gonad bags and give them money. Dealers at division centers protested at stock points. The state ration dealers’ welfare association on Tuesday called for a halt to ration distribution across the state in protest. Jivo asked to cancel No. 10 and give the empty bins to the dealers. Ration dealers said they lost revenue when it came to door-to-door delivery of goods. He said a vehicle called the Mobile Dispensary Unit was set up to deliver the goods to the house and an MDU operator was also hired. They are accused of making dealers dummies by giving them salaries. & Nbsp;

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