Minister Srinivas Goud: Seven-year-old girl develops at a level of pride … Plenary Success

Minister P said the TRS Plenary was a success. Srinivas Gowda said. CM KCR said that he had won Telangana by convincing 33 parties to start the movement alone. When he came to power, he formed 33 districts as the CEO. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. He said officials from other states were coming to study the schemes being implemented in Telangana. But the BJP questioned why such schemes were not implemented in Congress-ruled areas. Seven-year-old girl Telangana is developing proudly. He made it clear that the people of all states, including Andhra Pradesh, want a leader like KCR. TRS will work for the downtrodden.

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Plenary own affair

Minister Srinivas Gowda said that the BJP and the Congress had a stomach ache because of the CA KCR BC census. He accused the Congress and the BJP of conspiring to develop the backward classes with the BC census. He said that BC, SC and ST minorities would benefit from the KCR rule. Plenary is their own business. They also questioned whether they were talking about the election of a Congress president. KCR is being targeted and criticized with indifference. Srinivas Gowda said that Minister KTR was the illegitimate son of the father. He was invited by France because he was a KTR supporter. Orvaleke is criticizing the Dalit relative. Elections are a measure of democracy. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections."Now it is dark in AP .. lights in Telangana! KCR is ahead of Telangana!" href ="" target ="_blank" rel ="noopener"> Now it is dark in AP .. Lights in Telangana! KCR is ahead of Telangana!

The recruitment process soon

With the Plenary, Minister Srinivas Gowda has assured that TRS will be in power for another twenty years. The minister said that KCR was the leader who completed the Kaleswaram project in a speedy manner but also in China. Those who did not recognize the Telangana mother were criticized for what they did with the Telangana mother. He said it was important for political parties to decide on elections and not on public debate. He expressed optimism that TRS would be a solid success in Huzurabad. He questioned whether setting up of a welfare fund for 24-hour electricity, farmer insurance, welfare Lakshmi, support pension hike, journalists and lawyers was unrealistic. It was clarified that the process on employment terms will start soon. & Nbsp;

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