TRS Plenary: KCR means canals, ponds, reservoirs …. Telangana carafe address for development .. Minister KTR comments at the Plenary

Minister KTR said that the country is thinking of the idea that Telangana will do today. Speaking at the TRS Plenary, he said that Telangana is the fastest growing state in the country. Every village in Telangana has become an ideal village today. The Center is also praising Telangana. He said that Telangana is a leader in law and order in the country. Every law brought by TRS is for the people of Telangana. Land records in Telangana have been strengthened so that no one can temper them anymore. KTR clarified that KCR means … canals, ponds, reservoirs. & Nbsp;

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Google is the heart .. Industrial pioneer & nbsp;

Eddewa did. Today, Telangana is at the forefront of power consumption. Leaders who had alleged that investments would not come if Telangana came, questioned where they are now. From today’s apps to Google Map, Telangana is the carafe address. Hyderabad is the heart of Google. KTR stated that IT means Incredible Telangana. He said that Telangana was at the forefront of industrial progress in the country. KTR said that a comprehensive family survey has taken welfare to every nook and cranny. Bengal & zwnj; It is said that the country thinks what it thinks, and now the country thinks what Telangana thinks. They made themselves the rulers of the tribal herds.

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Born for this soil
Liberation Ketana for kissing the destination
20 years of celebration! br /> Telangana Cell .. Strength .. Leading Force

From Water Scenery to Sujala Sufala Scenes Reign! # 20YearsOfTRS

& mdash; KTR (@KTRTRS) October 25, 2021

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