Revanth Reddy: KCR Sleeping KTR Working … Kaleswaram for Commissions … Revanth Hot Comments on TRS Plenary

TPCC President, MP Rewanth Reddy responds to the TRS Party Plenary. Rewant Reddy criticized the party leaders for saying that it was a public view from the waterfront, but expanded the Rose Party in the pursuit of the movement. Wherever the TRS flags are seen in Hyderabad, the GHMC has imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 if ordinary people put up toilet boards in the city. In the city, he also questioned how much fines are being levied on TRS leaders now. TRS flags will also be hoisted at statues of Congress leaders. He also said that the immortal heroes of Telangana were not remembered in the plenary. It has been criticized that the TRS regime, which started in the water scene, has turned into a scene of corruption and exploitation. Rewanth Reddy said. It is said that the Telugu mother was not the mother of Telangana. Andhra has been criticized for putting a Telugu mother on stage just for contractors. Those in the TRS from the beginning said they did not remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the state. The TRS party, which started in 2001, has now been criticized for jumping to Rs 1,000 crore. Konda Laxman Bapu, Biyyala Janardhan Rao, Jayashankar, Keshavarao, Guda Anjayya, Sambashivudu, Rahman, worked for KCR till the last minute. Gade Innayya, Pasham Yadagiri, Paparao, Vijaya Rama Rao, Ale Narendra, Vijayashanti .. were criticized for not remembering anyone. & Nbsp;

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Ready to discuss the seven-and-a-half year rule ..!

Rewanth Reddy said that both KCR and KTR put toys in the plenary. Accused. He questioned whether he was ready to discuss the seven-and-a-half-year rule. Jobs for the unemployed or scholarships for students. Ready to discuss free education from KG to PG. He wanted to know how much funds were allocated to OU. Rewanth Reddy said that young people are being killed for not being given jobs. KCR said that there were 7 lakh vacancies in the new one and the Bishwal Committee report also said that there were 91 lakh vacancies. Poets, artists, journalists and the entire Telangana community were asked to fight together on the issues of Singareni, Electricity, RTC and the unemployed. He questioned why the cases against the activists were not dropped. Kalvakuntla Kavitha, KTR, criticized that the cases against KCR were dropped. & nbsp;

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Kaleswaram for commissions

TPCC president Rewanth Reddy criticized CM KCR for ignoring the families of immortal heroes. He questioned why justice was not done to those who lost their lives in the first and second phase of the Telangana movement. KCR, who testified in the assembly that 1500 families will be taken care of, demanded to know what happened to the martyrs of the movement. It has been criticized that not even a single acre is irrigated due to Kaleshwar, which was built for commissions only. Farmers’ suicides are on the rise after coming to Telangana. He said there was no discount for the harvest. Rewant Reddy said 40,000 farmers had died due to the policies of the central and state governments. CM KCR has been criticized for acquiring assets worth Rs 1,000 crore in the name of party offices. If the fixed deposits are Rs 420 crore .. how did they get there. Rewanth Reddy said that changing the TRS bylaws shows that the future face of the film is KCR Sleeping KTR Working. & nbsp;

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