Mla Jaggareddy: Congress MLA Jaggareddy is once again the unifying tune … Key remarks that he will support KCR in that regard

Telangana Congress & zwnj; MLA Jaggareddy once again voiced unionism. CM KCR & zwnj; He made it clear that he would support moving forward with the unification argument. Jaggareddy also heard the united argument during the Telangana movement. Although everyone calls him a mole of Telangana, he has won as an MLA. He said unity was his personal opinion. He said he had nothing to do with the party. Once again, Andhra and Telangana leaders have brought unity to the screen. TPCC President Rewanth Reddy said his views on the matter were different and his personal views were different. Jaggareddy said he was not against any area. Unionism is the demand of the people & zwnj; That is not the opinion of the leaders. Though he thought that there would be a better life when he came to Telangana, the aspirations of the people were not fulfilled. He fought for a separate state with the slogan of water, funds and appointments but none of them have been fulfilled yet. Despite the partition of the state, more than a crore people from Andhra and Rayalaseema remain in Telangana. Jaggareddy recalled that the CM had told the KCR plenum that he wanted to set up a party in Andhra. Nani proposed the name of the AP minister as to why the party should unite the state. & Nbsp;

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CM KCR remarks at TRS Plenary

CM KCR said that Telangana is making tremendous progress in all fields. If the schemes implemented in Telangana are not implemented for them .. Nanded residents in Maharashtra and Raichur residents in Karnataka want to mix their areas in Telangana. He said appeals were coming from Andhra Pradesh to contest their party on a large scale there as well. The AP people want the schemes undertaken by the TRS government to be their own. & nbsp;

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Nani counter to name … Rewanth Reddy warns Nani countered the AP minister’s name to KCR’s remarks at the TRS Plenary that a few thousand people were phoning him to win. Why party in both states? & nbsp; He sarcastically said that it is enough to unite the two Telugu states. He suggested that a resolution should be passed in the Telangana cabinet before forming a party in the AP. If KCR decides to merge the two Telugu states .. then there will be no need to form a separate party. Reminded that you can compete without any trouble. TPCC president Rewanth Reddy responded to Perni’s remarks. Rewanth Reddy warned that Khabaddar would be killed in Telangana. KCR is conspiring to sacrifice Telangana for the sake of state expansion. It was alleged that the presence of Telugu mother in the plenary and the naming of the minister as a united state proposal was a joint conspiracy of KCR and Jagan. Rewanth Reddy tweeted that Khabaddar is when it comes to Telangana Joli, which was formed with hundreds of people sacrificing their lives. Nani again responded to the minister’s name on the issue saying that there was a political vacuum in Telangana and hence new parties were emerging. & Nbsp;

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