Tdp Vs Ysrcp: AP politics in Delhi … TDP team to meet President on Monday

AP leaders’ bustle reaches Delhi. A group of TDP leaders has called on President Ram Nath to impose presidential rule in the state. Kovind will lodge a complaint on Monday. A total of 18 TDP leaders, including TDP chief Chandrababu, are going to Delhi for this. The presidential appointment has already been finalized. Prime Minister Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s appointment TDP leaders are trying for. The delegation led by TDP chief Chandrababu will tour Delhi for two days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with President Ram Nath Kovind and Home Minister Amit Shah, are trying to complain about the deteriorating security situation in the state. An appointment with President Ram Nath Kovind Chandrababu will be made at 12.30 pm on Monday. Gave. Kovid & zwnj; In view, only five, including Chandrababu, got permission. Appointments of Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah are yet to be finalized.

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Circumstances in AP to center focus

TDP seeks to bring the situation in the state to the centre’s attention. Party state president Achennaidu, MPs and some politburo members met Chandrababu at 6 am in Hyderabad on Monday. Departure from Delhi. There have been recent direct attacks and wars of words in the AP. YCP sympathizers carried out attacks on TDP offices. TDP state general secretary Pattabhiram’s insulting remarks against CM Jagan were not heard. With the dharnas, initiations and protests, the heat in the AP increased at once. & Nbsp;

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Opportunity to meet central elders

Law and order in the state The TDP is demanding that there be no order and that the president rule. It also wants a CBI probe into the attack on the TDP headquarters. He will complain to President Ram Nath Kovind on these matters. Chandrababu is also expected to meet some central elders during his visit to Delhi. Achennaidu, Yanamala, Keshineni Nani, Payyavala Keshav, Nakka Anand Babu, Varla Ramaiah, Sharif, Kalva Srinivasan, Anita, Ramanayudu and some other leaders will also be going to Delhi. & Nbsp;

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