Money Cheating: No bank slip, clothes shop stamp .. Gharana fraud in Nellore

A woman from Podiparthi, Venkatachalam mandal, Nellore district, has opened a gharana scam alleging that she was depositing money in a bank on behalf of women. She took money from savings groups and did not deposit it in the bank. Sadly innocent poor women were not even asked for deposit slips as proof that she had deposited in the bank. She would give them a clothing store stamped slip if asked. Innocent women who did not even know what the name was on the stamp hid them safely. When she finally found out about the scam, they were shocked to find out that the slips were not bank stamps but the seal of a clothing store called Srinivasa Cut Pieces. All together the bank staff was deposed. He then lodged a complaint with the police.


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