US Storm: 11 US states destroyed due to storm, 32 people died, know the current situation

US Storm: America is battling a natural disaster for the last several days. The storm has caused huge destruction in America. So far 32 people have died due to the storm. It is estimated that the death toll due to the storm may still increase. 

According to media reports, the maximum effect of this storm has been seen in Illinois, USA. Where the roof of a music festival venue collapsed. In which many people have become casualties. It is being told that a concert was organized here where a large number of people had gathered. Only then the storm started wreaking havoc. Significantly, earlier on Saturday, there was news of the death of seven people. Trees have fallen on many homes and many buildings have been damaged due to the tornado.

According to media reports, Tornado has caused havoc in America. Its effect is in 11 states. Many roads are closed due to the storm. Traffic is interrupted. It was told by the Memphis police that trees fell on many houses due to the strong winds of Tornado in Memphis and Tennessee on Saturday. Three people were found dead after it collapsed, including two children.

Biden released the message 

US President Joe Biden said about the storm that we all need to be alert, we are still assessing the devastation caused by the tornado. We understand that the families who have lost their loved ones have been hit hard. We wish the best of health to those who have been injured in the disaster. Biden had earlier declared most areas of the country as disaster affected areas and directed federal resources and financial assistance to be provided there. 

Lakhs of homes lost power
Officials told that the storm has caused a lot of destruction. Because of this, electricity has failed in more than six lakh houses. Electric poles have fallen at many places. We are trying to fix it.  It is being fixed.

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