Ukraine is preparing for war to deal with Russia, buys weapons of mass destruction, world towards world war?


  • Ukraine intensifies war preparations for rescue after Russia sends thousands of troops to the border
  • Ukraine has signed a defense deal with Britain worth 1.7 billion pounds, which will give it missiles
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister has warned that there could be a war with Russian forces on the border

After sending thousands of troops to the Russian border, Ukraine has intensified war preparations for its defense. Ukraine has signed a defense deal worth 1.7 billion pounds with Britain. Under this, Britain will give a deadly warship to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s foreign minister has warned that there could be a war between the armies of Russia and Ukraine on the border of Crimea in the disputed area. If this happens, then NATO countries can also come in support of Ukraine, which will create a threat of third world war.

In the deal with Britain, it has been said that Ukraine will get two mine hunters, joint production of eight missile ships and one frigate. Also included is armament for current warships. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told the leaders of Germany and France on Monday that if the conflict broke out, Western countries would have to avoid getting caught in the bureaucracy. Kuleba said that if Russia starts action, then you will not have time to coordinate to take decisions together.

‘Not going to war with Russia but will self-defense if needed’
Kuleba requested France, Germany to start the preparation work now because if there is a military conflict, there will be no time during that time. Although he made it clear that his country is not going to war with Russia, but will self-defense if needed. Earlier, Russia had claimed that no one should be worried about the deployment of troops along the Ukrainian border. These soldiers are not a threat to anyone.

Earlier, the US had warned its European allies that Russia was probably preparing to attack Ukraine. The US had said that Russia has deployed a large amount of military along the Ukrainian border and they are monitoring it. US warns Russia to refrain from making another ‘serious mistake’. US officials have alerted their European counterparts about the Russian attack.

‘Why Putin is increasing the number of troops along the border with eastern Ukraine, do not know’
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in his latest statement on Thursday that US officials do not know why Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasing the number of troops along the border with eastern Ukraine. Austin called it an example of disturbing military action and said Putin should explain it. “We will continue to call on Russia to act responsibly and be transparent about increasing the number of forces on the Ukrainian border,” Austin said. We have no idea what Putin is actually doing.


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