Lunar Eclipse: Longest partial lunar eclipse in 1 thousand years in the world, know where will this amazing sight be seen in India?


  • The world is going to have the longest partial solar eclipse in 1000 years
  • During this time the shadow of the earth will cover the moon by about 97 percent.
  • This will stop the sunlight reaching ‘Chanda Mama’

Washington/New Delhi
The longest partial solar eclipse in the world in 1000 years is going to happen on Thursday (November 18) and Friday. During this time, the Earth’s shadow will cover the Moon by about 97 percent. Due to this the sunlight will stop reaching the ‘Chanda Mama’ and she will start appearing brown and red. After about 580 years, such a long partial solar eclipse is going to happen and after that people will have to wait till February 8, 2669. This sight will be seen in the northeastern states of India and Delhi.

Indian astronomers say that on November 19, a partial lunar eclipse will occur in India. This lunar eclipse will start at 12.48 in the evening and will end at 4:17 in the evening. He said that in India it will start at 2.34 pm and will cover the moon by 97 percent. This rare celestial event can be seen in some parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. He said that a rare sight would be seen for some time just after the moon’s exit.
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Where in the world this sight will be seen
According to experts, for the first time in 1000 years, the longest partial lunar eclipse is going to happen in the world. Earlier, on 18 February 1440, such a long partial lunar eclipse was seen on Earth. Not only this, next time people will have to wait for 8 February 2669 to see such a sight. According to the US space agency NASA, a partial lunar eclipse occurs when a slight shadow of the Earth starts falling on the Moon. says that this lunar eclipse will last about 21693 seconds, which is about 6 hours and two minutes. The website said that this will be the longest partial solar eclipse between the years 1440 and 2669.

This will be the last lunar eclipse in India this year. The next lunar eclipse will be seen in India on November 8, 2022. This will be a total lunar eclipse. Apart from India, this lunar eclipse can be seen over Africa, Western Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. In a partial lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow does not completely cover the Moon. This emits dramatic light from the surface of the Moon. It can be seen from Earth. During a partial lunar eclipse, the color of the moon becomes light red.


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